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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Joe went to Regional Social Studies Fair 2009

On Sat. Feb. 28th Joe competed in the 2009 Regional Social Studies at Kennsaw State University.

We had to arrive at 8am to set up. There were lots of really nice projects. His project was on Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

We had to wait till around 10:30 for him to be interviewed about his project. Once he was done we walked around campus with some of our friends who were alumni. We headed off to Wendy's for lunch. We arrived back at KSU around 12 noon for the awards ceremony.

Joseph and his classmate Kaitlyn placed 2nd. His friend Christian Ryder placed 1st and Holden Thompson placed 3rd.

His classmate Janai Foote won Best in Region for her project on Bengal Tigers. She will be going on to compete at State in Hampton, GA!


This event was long but very interesting. Joseph learned a great deal from doing his project. Next year is science fair!!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What will $34.10 buy???

I spent $34.10 and saved $100.11 at Publix last Monday 3/2/09-- This is what I bought!!!
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Friday, February 27, 2009

My new title

I am now a Professional Coupon Shopper --

Someone posted on Couponmom that a Walgreen manager called her a Professional Coupon Shopper -- he defined us as one who matches up coupons to sales to really maximize their savings.

Too Funny!!!

The best way to save is to buy the items when they go on sale and you have a coupon. I get many of my its 1/2 off, or free -- why pay full price is my motto.

My hubby says "Do we really need 10 boxes of pizza rolls?" No not today but over the next few months yes. Esp. when they are .05 a box!!! So in 2 months if Joe says "Hey mom, buy some pizza rolls." I can go to the freezer and pull out a .05 box instead of running to the store and paying full price for them -- SAVINGS!!!!

You have to learn to stockpile -- buy items when they are cheap/free/profit and put them away. That means you gotta have storage. I couldn't of done this at our old house -- We didn't have room!

At Publix and Kroger you can stack coupons -- which means you can use a manufacturers coupon (out of the paper, or printed offline) and a store coupon (one that Publix or Kroger gives out) Publix has in the front of their stores near the buggies a rack that has store coupons in a little magazine. It's usually green. It last a whole month. I pick up 10 or more if they have good coupons in there. Kroger usually has those coupon boxes on the isle near a product, that's a store coupon at Kroger.

At Publix this week I bought makeup because I had manufacturers and store coupons -- I paid anywhere from .99 for mascara to making 1.21 profit on some things.

I also only buy meat when it's $1.99 a lb. Watch the sales ads -- I buy 10 lbs at a time, split it into serving sizes and freeze it!

If you have anymore questions holler --

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yeah ME!!!

I am working on loosing weight -- I am tired of being tired all the time. My main temptation is ICE CREAM!!! I have just quit buying it! I started my journey at 225 in Aug. I went back to work and lost a good bit by being busy. I have since quit work and thought oh no I am NOT gaining that weight back!!!

I weighed today and I am down to 210!!!!!!

Yeah for me!!!

We I reach 200 I am having a party -- Wanna come!?

My 1st goal is 180 -- That is what I weighed when I met Phil and got married -- Ultimately I want to be 155!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Joe went to baseball camp M - Th. of this week at North Paulding Highschool (the school we are zoned for). On Thursday his friend from down the street threw a ball at Joe when Joe wasn't watching and hit him in the eye. OUCH!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our new puppy

On Jan. 29th we adopted Junie Bee. She is a Feist, which is a squirrel hunting dog. Joe and Phil will train her to tree squirrels and then they will shoot the squirrel. She was born on Thanksgiving day. So she is our little turkey! We are having fun with her. She is 12 weeks old today 2/19 -- and she is getting into everything so she definitely is a TURKEY!

Here are some pics of her when we 1st got her --


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